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Treatments for children

Great way to relax after all that fun in the Kidstein spa

Treatment for kids up to 14 years

Also our little guests should pamper themself. We also offer our younger guests wellness and beauty treatments.

Feel-good children massage

Children can feel like grown-ups with this gentle treatment with warm herbal oil.

20 Min. | € 43,00

Small facial treatment

A relaxing facial with a cleansing and nourishing mask, face and neck massage which promotes a sense of wellbeing. For the first "date" with cosmetic products.

30 Min. | € 47,00

Teen facial treatment

We like to differentiate between all skin. Impure, oily and combination skin is treated, dry skin is moisturized, sensitive skin is gently cared for. Teenage skin needs special attention, strengthens and regulates youthful skin. Provides lasting protection against damaging influences.

50 Min. | € 73,00

Chocolate tiger - treatment in the floating water bed


A wonderful mixture of nourishing mud, goat butter milk bath and the cocoa perfume oil results in a body pack that smells sweet and is reminiscent of chocolate cream. It has a calming effect and moisturizes. Perfect for sensitive skin.

15 Min. | € 32,00