Expedition Sustainability

Here at the 4*S TAUERN SPA Zell am see - Kaprun we are conscious of our responsibility to protect and maintain the beautiful nature we are lucky enough to call home. That is why we have invested heavily in innovative techhnologies to minimise our resource usage and energy consumption. Our aim is not only to reduce our own carbon footprint as far as possible but also to show others how every little helps when it comes to envitonmental sustainability.

Regional resources and modern architecture
Alpine nature

Green facts about the TAUERN SPA

Expedition Environment
Nature provides us with the most important raw materials we need to live. In return it is important that we treat nature with the respect it deserves so that it may continue to supply us and others for many years to come.

Did you know that...

  • 70% of the energy needed to heat the TAUERN SPA comes from biogas?
  • 100% of electricity at the TAUERN SPA is generated by environmentally friendly sources?
  • we have 8 charging stations for electric cars where you can charge your car's battery using electricity from renewable sources?
  • the water in our pools comes from a warm natural spring 900 metres below the surface?
  • our outdoor pools are covered over every day - including in summer - to keep the heat in and minimise energy loss?
  • you will find lots more energy-saving ideas throughout the TAUERN SPA?

Ecological & efficient

Here you will find a list of the top 4 measures at the 4*S TAUERN SPA Zell am See - Kaprun to make our business as ecological and energy efficient as possible.
#1 | 100% green electricity
100% of the electricity used at the TAUERN SPA comes from environmentally friendly sources.
#2 | 100% renewable sources
100% of the energy needed to cool the TAUERN SPA comes from renewable sources.
#3 | 70% biogas
70% of the energy needed to heat the TAUERN SPA comes from biogas.
#4 ISO 50001 certified
The TAUERN SPA meets the criteria set out in ISO norm 50001 (Energy Management).

Step by step

Surrounded by the wonderful landscape of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

  • Biogas heating
    We use 70% biogas to heat the TAUERN SPA and also have solar panels which generate the electricity for our electric car charging stations.
  • Cooling with river water
    The resort is cooled using water from the Kapruner Ache and Salzach rivers.

  • Free public transport
    Guests staying at our hotel can use all public transport in the Zell am See region free of charge from 01.05. until 31.10.
  • Energy Management norm ISO 50001
    This means the TAUERN SPA is committed to systematically increasing its energy efficiency over time and using all areas of potential with the measures needed.

There's always more to do

Our Nature Rooms and Garden Rooms are full of innovative ideas on how to reduce energy use and protect the environment.
Green Button
Press the Green Button in your room to switch off all electrical signals. The perfect way to enjoy a bit of digital downtime and a good night's sleep.
Natural materials
We have used natural materials such as wood, limestone, animal skins and leather to create a cosy, welcoming  atmosphere in our rooms.
Room Service
For the sake of the environment our guest could choose a day without room cleaning service.

'GREEN' journey

The holiday region of Zell am See-Kaprun between glacier, mountains and lakes offers everything for an environmentally friendly arrival & 'free travel' with all public transport during your holiday.

  • With the mobility card* you can use all public transport in the Zell am See region free of charge from 01.05. until 31.10.
  • Climate-friendly by train & bus
  • 8 e-charging stations with 100% ECO electricity are available on site

Sustainability in the ski resorts

Nature is the most precious thing we have. In order to protect it and preserve its beauty for generations to come, the ski resorts of Schmittenhöhe and Kaprun Glacier have joined forces to make their lifts and pistes as environmentally friendly as possible using 100% energy from renewable sources.

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