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Special massages

From Alpine Stone to Lomi Lomi Nui

Special Massage-Treatments

Vital massage

A firm yet pleasurable neck and back massage using warming herbal oils, followed by a foot reflexology session to energize the whole body.

50 Min. | € 71,00

Manual lymph drainage

A gentle, harmonious massage designed to reduce swelling and support the body's natural detoxification processes.

25 Min. | € 41,00

50 Min. | € 71,00

Alpine stone back massage

25 Min. | € 46,00

Alpine Stone full body massage

Warming herbal oils and hot stones will boost your circulation in this ultra relaxing massage. Experience the harmonious effects of deep relief combined with a real energy kick. The warmth of the stones penetrates deep beneath the skin, providing a real tonic for body and soul.

80 Min. | € 105,00

Lomi Lomi Nui

Using flowing movements, gentle stretching and palpable mobilization, this Hawaiian temple massage produces an exceptional feeling of wellbeing. The combination of warm oils, fragrant essences and Hawaiian sounds make this body treatment an unique experience, and culminates in the simultaneous release of tension and renewed energy.

90 Min. | € 135,00

TAUERN SPA Touch down massage

Our Signature Treatment - the relaxing massage to bring you back down to earth.

The shoulders, then the neck and the head area are treated to a firm massage entailing stretching, sweeping and swing movements, applied with a special oul blend. Tension in the head and any blockages are removed to restore balance so that you can enjoy your holiday to the full. While enjoying your foot treatment, you can relax on a warm spelt neck cushion - you can take home with you as a gift at the end of your experience.

50 Min. | € 81,00

Classic reflexology massage

The zones and reflex areas on the feet can have a positive influence on the body's overall wellbeing. Reflexology stimulates the metabolism and kick-starts the body's self-healing mechanisms.

25 Min. | € 41,00