alpine vital spa wraps

Peelings, body packs & wraps

Spa treatments with natural products from the Alps

Full body peelings & body packs

Recuperate with a whole body peeling or a body pack. An indulgence programme for your skin is a sensory journey – and is quite simply, good for you. For our holistic, authentic wellness treatments we only use the finest natural products sourced from the Alpine region.

Natural salt peeling arnica

25 Min. | € 38,00

Natural salt detoxifying peeling St. John's wort & Biopir

25 Min. | € 38,00

Sports and vital body pack

Marmot oil, beeswax, gentian root, wool wax fat and olive oil boost the circulation and alleviate muscular tension.

45 Min. | € 49,00

Regeneration and anti-aging body pack

Yeast-biotin, St. John's wort extract, geranium, clary sage and olive oil regenerate cells, improve skin texture and reduce cellulite.

45 Min. | € 49,00