alpine vital spa wraps

Full body peelings & body packs

Spa treatments with natural products from the Alps

Full body peelings & body packs

Recuperate with a whole body peeling in the floating bed or a body pack with steam bath. An indulgence programme for your skin is a sensory journey – and is quite simply, good for you. For our holistic, authentic wellness treatments we only use the finest natural products sourced from the Alpine region.

Purifying full body peeling followed by a steam bath

Detoxifying and draining with natural salt, St. John‘s Wort & Biopir.

20 Min. | € 44,00

Revitalizing full body peeling followed by a steam bath

Relaxing and cooling your muscles with natural salt, mountain arnica & rosemary.

20 Min. | € 44,00

Regeneration pack „Repair“ in the floating bed

Perfect as a regenerative therapy for the skin, muscles and joints with marmot oil, yellow gentian and wheat bran – TIP: ideal after sport!

45 Min. | € 54,00

Detox pack birch & juniper in the floating bed

The power of birch leaves, juniper, orange and spelt affects the entire organism and supports the fat burning process, the metabolism and the removal of residue.

45 Min. | € 54,00

Stone pine peeling followed by a steam bath

Woody, warm fragrance notes define this peeling and are reminiscent of freshly cut wood and juicy tree bark. Ideal for detoxifying and cleansing the skin. In addition, the scent of the forest can strengthen resilience and self-confidence.

20 Min. | € 42,00

Alpine herbal peeling followed by a steam bath

With the power of the Alps. Wonderfully fragrant herbs are reminiscent of lush alpine meadows and untouched mountain peaks.

20 Min. | € 42,00

Cream pack alpine in the floating bed

Rich oils and creams provide intensive care - ideal for dry and sensitive skin. (anti-inflammatory, cell-regenerating and makes the skin smooth and supple)

40 Min. | € 45,00

Mud pack in the floating water bed

Perfect for rheumatic complaints, arthrosis or chronic pain.

every additional pack € 5,00 | 25 Min. | € 32,00