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Pampering treatments

Whoever is feeling tired needs an extra special freshen up. Treat yourself to the complete well being package. At the TAUERN SPA you have this pampering treatments packages to choose of.


Enjoy an exotic Body Scrub and the Mahana Massage and finally the Polynesian Sacred Oil from Raiatea swept over your skin, its subtle golden pearls leaving a sunkissed glow and a delicate scent of flowers and monoi.

80 Min. | € 126,00

Mountain spring experience

Various harmonised treatments combine to create a one-of-a-kind Alpine tonic for the soul. Plant extracts from traditional alpine flora come together with essential oils from wild flowers and herbs such as gentian, edelweiss, alpine rose, wild mallow and alpine skullcap. An Alpenrausch ceremony contains a back massage and facial culminating with a delicious cup of organic herbal tea.

75 Min. | € 92,00

Back enjoyment

Relax muscles with the sport and vital body pack followed by an Alpienne back massage.

55 Min. | € 70,00