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Pampering treatments

Relaxing and energising spa packages

Pampering treatments

Whoever is feeling tired needs an extra special freshen up. Treat yourself to the complete well being package. At the TAUERN SPA you have this pampering treatments packages to choose of.

Ritual by Dr. Spiller

The treatment starts with a back massage, followed by a facial treatment, which is perfectly tailored to the specific skin concern. Completely pure, natural products provide lasting, visible results. At the end you will enjoy a tasty cup of herbal tea.

75 Min. | € 110,00

Body & Soul massage treatment by Dalton

Gentle enzyme peeling foam with sea minerals is applied to the skin with sweeping brush strokes and gently but effectively removes dead skin cells. Warm compresses help to achieve an intense sense of well-being and prepare body and soul for alternating energizing and relaxing massage strokes. The deeply relaxing treatment is rounded off with a stress-reducing head massage.

Application steps: Lather up the enzyme peeling with a brush and apply to the body with a large brush, remove the peeling from the body with warm compress rollers, massage the back with a focus on the back, massage the front with a focus on the feet and head.

50 Min. | € 85,00

Refreshing detox treatment by Dalton

An intensive sea salt peeling enriched with fresh algae powder is the basis of this body treatment, which stimulates blood circulation. Dead skin cells are loosened by gentle massage strokes and the skin is stimulated to regenerate. Problem areas are then treated with an active ingredient concentrate made from brown algae and artichokes. With a freshly mixed spirulina gel mask, the skin is then purified and supplied with plenty of moisture and important nutrients. During the masking time, the detoxification process is supported by a relaxing foot massage.

The result: well-being, lightness and skin as radiantly beautiful and fresh as after a day at the sea.

Application steps: body peeling, concentrate for problem areas, algae full body pack, small detoxifying foot massage.

50 Min. | € 85,00