Maritime feel-good-treatments.


Maritime FEEL-GOOD treatments.

Developed by experts and used by beauticians and beauty professionals worldwide, DALTON MARINE COSMETICS has been using natural raw materials from the sea for over 45 years and thus guarantees an incomparable effect with maximum compatibility. The maritime feel-good treatments ensure visible and tangible treatment results!

Sea Breeze Beauty Shorty

With the help of individual massage strokes, a skin-specific ampoule of marine active ingredients and a freshly prepared active ingredient fleece made of caviar and algae are worked into the skin.

30 Min. | € 55,00

Sea Breeze Glow Treatment

After an analysis of your skin and an intensive cleansing including a gentle enzyme peeling, a fleece of active ingredients made from caviar and algae freshly prepared for you is enriched with an anti-aging ampoule suitable for your skin type and worked into your skin with a soothing massage. An intensive anti-aging moisturizing mask rounds off the treatment with plankton and hyaluronic acid and makes it shine.

60 Min. | € 85,00

Sea Breeze Luxury Treatment

The marine active ingredients specially tailored to your skin type offers real anti-aging benefits. After a gentle cleansing and a comprehensive skin analysis, the skin is pampered with a cocktail of active ingredients from a high-quality ampoule concentrate and a fleece made of caviar and algae with a relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté. Selected anti-aging active ingredients, which are embedded in a sheet mask, are then worked into the skin with the help of gentle ultrasonic waves. During the treatments, stressed hands are cared for with a nourishing mask and made supple again.

The result: lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin regains its youthful radiance.

90 Min. | € 129,00

Power of the sea

Due to the burdens and stress factors of everyday life, our largest protective organ and MIRROR IMAGE of the SOUL - our SKIN, is often strained to the limits of its reserves. It loses elasticity and radiance and tends to wrinkle. The concentrated active ingredients of the sea, such as caviar, plankton, oysters, shellfish, algae and seawater provide energy, promote the skin's own regenerative powers as well as the hyaluron and collagen synthesis and act like a soft focus to restore the youth and vitality of the skin.

30 Min. | € 50,00

60 Min. | € 80,00