anti aging treatments


Leaves you feeling and looking younger


The best of innovative cosmetic knowledge and medical knowledge, combined into care products with maximum effectiveness. Intelligent combinations of active ingredients are used individually and with a view to the needs of the customer / the skin. Skin-identical active ingredients that are based on the processes and building blocks of the skin, lead to the best possible results and maximum tolerance.

Couperose treatment

A special treatment to help regenerate and boost the circulation of the skin.

75 Min. | € 116,00

Hydrolage treatment

Improves the moisturising function of the skin, soothes, regenerates and provides an instantly visible and long lasting rejuvenation effect.

45 Min. | € 74,00

REVIDERM intensive treatment

Individual treatment tailored to your skin type.

90 Min. | € 129,00

REVIDERM microdermabrasion

By highly precise, gentle abrasion of the upper skin cells, the skin becomes significantly more elastic.

60 Min. | € 105,00

REVIDERM Neuro Senstive treatment

This neurocosmetic care system helps sensitive, irritable, hypersensitive or even neurosensitive skin reliably, quickly and sustainably.

Face & neck | 70 Min. | € 107,00

Face, neck & décolleté | 90 Min. | € 147,00

REVIDERM classic treatment

Clears the skin from calluses, moisturizes deeply, regulates wrinkles and gives cells an "energy boost".

60 Min. | € 99,00