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Alpienne Massages & Treatments

Alpienne is the pioneer of alpine natural cosmetics. The high-quality, 100% all-natural recipes for face, body and health care are deliberately produced in limited batches and with a traditionally handcrafted approach. Regional and clmate neutral. Every Alpienne product is an original piece of Alpine culture. It's Alpine cultural cosmetics - since 1997! Ultimately, these are the ingredients that made Alpienne what it is: 100% all natural. 100% different.

Body part massage

Choose your preferred treatment: back & neck massage, head & face massage, feet or hand massage or a leg massage.

25 Min. | € 47,00

Full body massage

This soothing full body massage alleviate pent-up tension throughout the nervous system and relaxed muscles.

50 Min. | € 81,00

80 Min. | € 129,00

Relaxing herbal stamps massage

Steam-warmed herbal stamps and St. John‘s Wort massage oil are combined in this treatment to relax the whole body. An excellent antidote to tiredness, sleep issues and nervous disorders.

50 Min. | € 103,00

Back enjoyment

An invigorating body pack in the floating bed followed by an Alpienne back massage.

50 Min. | € 77,00

Honey massage

Finds its use in the connective tissue massage and is an alternative healing method. The honey massage works deep into the tissue and has a plucking massage technique. This dissolves and frees the body of toxins and has an antibacterial effect. With the power of honey, the body is naturally detoxified.

25 Min. | € 50,00

Back enjoyment intensive

A classic back massage, tailored to your individual needs, strengthens your back for new goals at any time of the year.

45 Min. | € 77,00