Fitness & courses

Fit, healthy and relaxed

Begin the day with a workout or find your inner balance with a yoga session. Our fitness courses at the TAUERN SPA in Zell am See-Kaprun offer plenty of highlights every, from stretching to strength exercises and relaxation techniques. Try out something new every single day at the TAUERN SPA!

NEW! From now on participation is also possible for external guests - per unit ONLY € 12,- per person.

  • Wide range of courses
  • Training options whatever the weather
  • No long-term contracts and no registration fee
  • Flexible time management – you decide when and how often you want to train
  • Chance to relax in the spa facilities before and after training

Participation in the courses is free of charge for everyone who purchases access to the SPA Water World.

Course description:
ABS Attack

An ABS training with a great variety of training variants. Exercises which foster a perfect six pack and for strengthening the muscles in the middle torso area. This helps also strengthening the abdominal muscle and stabilizing the spine.

Aqua Gymnastic

Low-impact whole body workout in water, which improves endurance and agility.

Back gymnastic

With this full body training, in particular the most important muscles of the spine and the torso are strengthened. In addition to improving back problems, the prevention and improvement of the posture plays a crucial role.

workout fitness tauern spa kaprun

The problem zones tummy, legs & bottom are trained and tightened through a mix of endurance and strenghtening exercises / from 15 years onwards.

Core Workout

Workout for the midsection.

workout program tauern spa
Functional training

A workout that is based on functional movements that reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.

Killer Body Workout

For a perfect body in top shape. It focus to train different muscle groups. This eliminates problem zones and builds strong and tight muscles. Cardio intervals also strenghten the circulation and boost the fat burning process.

fitness class zell am see kaprun

Full body training with the emphasis on breathing, abs, pelvic and back muscles / from 15 years onwards.

* the classroom is situated opposite the SPA restaurant on the 1st floor

barbell fitness class zell am see kaprun
Pumping Iron

Is a well-balanced full body training, which uses lightly loaded barbells and a high repetition range. It involves all main muscle groups. Therefore, Pumping Iron is perfectly suitable for everybody - old and young, beginners and advanced athletes.

Ski Fit

Getting ready for the slope by training strength, coordination and balance!

yoga qi gong class
Vinyasa Yoga

This encourages mindfulness and awareness for body, mind and soul. Strength and mobility are developed to the same extent.

yoga tauern spa salzburger land
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a very calm and meditative way to practise asanas (body postures). It mostly affects your facial tissues and deepens your mindfulness in all ways.