NEW! Bergkristall Sauna

In the outdoor area of the SPA Sauna World awaits you a new highlight:
the new infusion & adventure sauna Bergkristall!

The exclusive 4*S resort TAUERN SPA Zell am See - Kaprun is well known for its multi-faceted SPA water and sauna world.
Now the new stunning outdoor Bergkristall sauna is open.

For all, who want to sauna with a view.



infusion & adventure sauna

The quartz crystal creates inner harmony and balance, in combination with the high temperatures, circulation and metabolism are stimulated, the body is strengthened against colds and back pain can be reduced. Several magnificent pieces of the crystal form the centre of the new Bergkristall sauna. Positioned in the middle of the spacious sauna section, the healing stones can unfold their full effect and thus increase the effectiveness of the sauna session. The regular sauna infusions, using natural products made from the rich alpine flora of the region, intensify the healing effect.

There are many good reasons to try the new sauna experience. Feel the warmth, enjoy with all your senses and contemplate the wonderful panoramic view.

  • Quartz crystal for harmony and energy
  • Infusion and adventure sauna with sauna coach
  • Relaxation & vitality for body & mind
  • Stunnig views into the nature
sauna experience

in the TAUERN SPA sauna world

In our SPA sauna world you will find a variety of different saunas and steam baths. Special themed infusions and a varied infusion plan ensure recovery and an unique sauna experience. Afterwards, guests cool down in the cold diving pool and continue to rest in cosy indoor or outdoor relaxation areas. Our textile sauna incorporating finnish sauna, bio sauna and steam bath - enables guests to enjoy a sauna experience in their bathing clothes.


Bergkristall Sauna

Traditional finnish sauna at high temperature and low humidity.

  • Temperature: approx. 85 - 95°C
  • Humidity: ca. 8 - 12%
  • Length of stay: 7-15 minutes
  • Effect: detoxifying, tightening, to strengthen the body's resistance, positive effect on cardiovascular system