tauern spa sauna workshop

Sauna workshop

Learn the right sauna technique

Our experienced sauna coaches will take you on an interesting journey into the world of relaxation. You will learn the "right" way to visit the sauna and why this millennia-old technique can help stimulate the circulation and strengthen the body's immune system.

Every Tuesday at 04.30 pm in the SPA sauna world.

(Please register until 02.30 p.m. - min. 3 persons | max. 6 persons - duration: approx. 3 hours)

7 reasons to visit the sauna
  • Resistence to colds and other illnesses
  • Soothes back pain
  • Increases body temperature. Artificial fever at 39°C
  • Relaxes muscles by combining heat and cold
  • Stimulates circulation and metabolism
  • Good for the skin by training blood vessels
  • Deep but gentle skin detoxification
Good to know

Important information

At temperatures of around 100°C  the stress hormone cortisol is supressed and the levels of serotinin ("happy hormone") increase, creating a feeling of satisfaction. So a trip to the sauna really does leave you feeling happier! 

Don't try to "keep up" with other people in the sauna by staying in the sauna for as long as possible. Instead, it is important to focus on yourself and your own body. If you feel that things are getting too hot, please leave the sauna - even if an infusion is taking place.

However, a word of warning: it is not good sauna etiquette to enter a sauna during an infusion. By opening the door you will let out a lot of the heat and steam which has been generated during the infusion. Instead, please wait until the infusion is over before entering the sauna.

Infrared cabin

Alternative to the sauna

Infrared cabins heat the body directly and not the air inside the cabin. This is possible because the infrared rays only create a warming effect when they come into contact with the skin.

Regular vists to the infrared cabin can strengthen the immune system, reduce tension and have a positive effect on skin diseases. Infrared rays can also be beneficial for those who suffer from cellulite.

Steam room

Warm and cosy

Steam rooms have a high level of humidity (up to 100%) but a relatively low temperature (around 45°C), meaning that they create ideal conditions for the body to recover. Visits to the steam room have a positive effect on skin, hair and airways as well as stimulating the blood circulation.

Our aromatic steam room uses a range of relaxing and invigorating aromatic oils to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.