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Beauty and health from the depths of the ocean

THALGO treatments

Beauty and health from the sea.
Since 50 years, Thalgo has specialzed in the reasearch of active maritime cosmetics. Powerful ingredients from the depths of the sea with revolutionary regenerating, moisturizing and invigorating properties form the basis for unique products and treatments.

Integrative Slimming Treatment

An intense treatment for a naturally perfect figure. An active-oxygen wrap has a stimulating effect. Combined with the perfect scuplt massage, the two highly effective concentrated extracts streamline the body and provide long-lasting results.

60 Min. | € 90,00

Algae Full Body Peeling

The algae full body peeling rids your body gently and nurturing of dead skin cells. With invigorating massage movements, the skin is refined and prepared for subsequent body treatments.

25 Min. | € 42,00

Frigi Wrap

With the Frigi-THALGO treatment cool wraps soaked with an algae-camphor-menthol solution support fat burning. Have a soothing effect on spider veins, varicose veins and tired heavy legs and cellulite can be visibly improved.

25 Min. | € 42,00