Face and body treatments with healing and rejuvenating plants.
Experience pure nature on your skin


Natural and effective.

The feeling is incomparable for both your skin and your senses. Cosmetics made with our SACRED PLANTS have a completely different effect on the skin, an experience unlike anything you have known before. Feel your skin come alive with Green Luxury products, feel your cells awaken to new activity and feel the potency, the delicate pulsation and flow. Experience well-being throughout your whole body.

Choose the duration of your desired treatment, the intensity and the focus. Allow yourself to slow down, regenerate, recharge your batteries, and feel beautiful.

Love your age

You are so beautiful.

Skin-Rejuvenating active ingredients, high light energy and intensive vibration, tightens on highly efficient way your skin. You are activation the cell renewal and cause a gentle pulsation in all cells.

short treatment | 30 Min. | € 46,00

face, neck and cleavage | 50 Min. | € 76,00

Fresh kick for the male skin

100% natural. The PHARMOS NATUR care series for men combines pure plant power with finest technology by the manufacturing. Perfect for the sensual care every day and ideal for sensitive skin.

short treatment | 30 Min. | € 44,00

face, neck and breast | 50 Min. | € 75,00